Flipping houses is easy,
Flipping people…that’s something else.

Flipping Nightmares is a reality-based, character driven, house flipping, dramedy that centers around an eccentric, real estate tycoon and his eclectic ensemble of know-it-alls, skeptics, and doubters. With Flipping Nightmares, Armando Montelongo, dishes out his own unique and quirky brand of justice by convincing people to flip houses while putting their jobs, licenses or livelihood on the line.

The worst houses. The toughest flips. The biggest skeptics.
This is Flipping Nightmares.

Episode 1: Winner Take All

After overhearing his own employee, James, say “any Neanderthal can flip a house” Armando makes James an offer he can’t refuse – a wager. James has to flip a house by himself. If he succeeds, he keeps all the profits. If he fails, then he loses his job.